2001: A CGI Odyssey

Heres (in my opinion) the best bit from “2001 A Space Odyssey”, redone using CGI and blended with the original. Its cut frame accurate and I’ve kept most of the shot angles the same. Hope you enjoy it!

Research on the space bombs (not spaceships!) came from the 2001 3D model archive.http://www.2001-3d-archive.info/

2001 was made by Stanley Kubrick with MGM and was years ahead of its time (even today!) I couldn’t have made this if it wasnt for them so hats off to you all!

UPDATE: Seems the delightful people at Warner Music Group decided the music was theres. The audio got replaced by something similar but its not ideal! I’m sourcing another hosting site with a more friendly outlook on fair use!

UPDATE 2: I’ve replaced the original with a version up on vimeo. The Youtube one is still there but has ‘replacement’ audio on it so its not as I intended.

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