Xmas Chortles 2 – Opening Sequence

This is the opening titles from the movie Xmas Chortles 2 which I helped with. The basic concept was to see a sinclair spectrum floating through space until it arrived at earth where we reveal the logo. You can get in on the Chortles experience by visiting http://binaryzone.org/xmaschortles

One thought on “Xmas Chortles 2 – Opening Sequence

  1. Lee Rich says:

    Hi mate,

    Just linked your Elite and SO:2001 vids on my Facebook. Fantastic work. I’ve just watch this XMAS Chortles 2: Opening Sequence vid as well and I love all the little references in it. The Obelisk around Jupiter, the guys painting the writing as the camera pans out.

    Good geeky stuff. Nice one dude.


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