Dancing Fiat Uno

Heres a version of my dancing Fiat Uno Transformer Car. Created in lightwave and edited in premiere pro. The Music is by Rhythm Digitalis and I strongly recommend you buy it!


3 thoughts on “Dancing Fiat Uno

  1. Davi Rosa says:

    Hi my name is Davi Rosa.
    I teach digital animation in a university in Brazil. I would like to try with my students to make a sort of 3D animation using motion capture. Something kind of fun like this. Can you make a kind of “making off” of this animation, or just tell me how it was the workflow or advice some tutorials?
    Thanks and congratulations!

    • prefim says:

      Hi Davi,

      It would be tough to do a making of as its been years but in short here are the steps I took.

      1) Build robot and parent sections onto mocap bones in lightwave. this stops solid parts bending.
      2) built low resolution model of car.
      3) cut up into symmetrical sections.
      4) attach sections onto robot. That covers you for the dancing part.
      5) to make him transform, build robot using previous parts and animate from robot back to normal car.

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