Odyssey – The amiga demo reborn!

This is a retelling of the classic Commodore amiga demo ‘Odyssey’. The original being a 45 minute story about a hero fighting against an evil invader. This remake is trimmed down to just under 20 minutes and was created using Lightwave 3D, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The Music was created in Ableton Live 7 by the extremely talented Chris Crusher. The majority of visuals were created by Myself, Mat Recardo with the jungle textures and the actual likeness of our hero Zork, supplied by my brother Tim.

The original amiga version, created by the demogroup Alcatraz. A big shout out to these guys who helped make the demo scene what it was. Hornet, PGCS, Greg, Zoltar

There are no sound effects in this release of the animation. I wanted the initial launch of this to be a sort of space opera whereby the usual sound effects of a traditional movie do not drown out the beautiful musical scores from Chris.

The animation took just under two years to create which is partly due to the amount of scenes required but mainly due to an eight month dry spell on my part. Once I got back in the saddle, I was able to complete the remaining scenes and polish the edit up.

I do hope you enjoy this animation. I’d love to hear your comments.


One thought on “Odyssey – The amiga demo reborn!

  1. Mike says:

    You did a darn fine job here my friend. As a kid I spent hours watching the original and today after many years, found it on youtube, as well as your fantastic remake. Thank you. Good luck to you and all the best.

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