Man Made!

24 04 2011

With all the fun surrounding the Portal 2 launch recently. Having run through the game at least twice, I had an idea for an animation.

This is The Mad Men tv show intro but done with graphics from Portal. All models are directly from the game and the music is from the show. The idea came from all the falling the poor characters seem to do. Enjoy!

War of the Worlds CGI

17 08 2010

Ages ago I was in contact with someone about permissions for doing my own CGI version of The War of the Worlds. The idea was it would be my visuals running in sync with the album. This would mean a near two hour animated piece with only a few people on it and no budget (and I mean zero pounds!)

I was given permission to create it but had to run it by management before it could be released (as it would have included the full album as a sound track). Strictly for non profit mind!

As I realised fairly soon into it that in order to not make a complete pigs ear of it all, the amount of character animation in it would require a full mocap setup (something I don’t have!) the project ground to a halt. Spaceships and machines are no problem, people! they’re tricky!

Months have gone by and I’ve not looked at the project but I would like to release online what little did get done. the first album track was animated and part of horsell common was done.

Most of what I had was prep work so animatable rigged fighting machines etc.

Ok so here are the test clips I wanted to release. Ollie records have cleared these and the two album tracks have had their audio tracks stripped so no issue there! This is all first pass stuff so it never got the effects polish I would have liked but at least you can see some of us want a CGI war of the worlds so bad we are prepared to try and make it ourselves!! If you want to get the full effect, play the first two tracks of the album while watching the first two videos below!

The Eve of the War

Horsell Common

Fighting Machine Pose Test

Fighting Machine Articulation Test

Fighting Machine Walk Test

Red Weed Test

2001: A CGI Odyssey

2 05 2010

Heres (in my opinion) the best bit from “2001 A Space Odyssey”, redone using CGI and blended with the original. Its cut frame accurate and I’ve kept most of the shot angles the same. Hope you enjoy it!

Research on the space bombs (not spaceships!) came from the 2001 3D model archive.

2001 was made by Stanley Kubrick with MGM and was years ahead of its time (even today!) I couldn’t have made this if it wasnt for them so hats off to you all!

UPDATE: Seems the delightful people at Warner Music Group decided the music was theres. The audio got replaced by something similar but its not ideal! I’m sourcing another hosting site with a more friendly outlook on fair use!

UPDATE 2: I’ve replaced the original with a version up on vimeo. The Youtube one is still there but has ‘replacement’ audio on it so its not as I intended.

Frontier Intro – Remake

4 07 2009

A remake of the opening sequence from Elite II – Frontier with a new orchestral version of the theme tune composed and produced by Andy Bellenie (aka Mr Strangelove)

For more of Andy’s music, visit

Back to the Future Spoof – Xmas Chortles 2

4 07 2009

This is the xmas chortles 2 take on the movie Back to the future! No Delorean, just a vauxhall nova! Not quite as good at travelling through time though! You can get in on the Chortles experience by visiting Parental concent is recommended as there is the odd curse word present in this one.

Tron Spoof – Xmas Chortles 2

4 07 2009

The Chortles chums (Lee, Kenz and Mez) are enjoying a retro gaming session when they are zzapped into ‘Tron Land’ by a big laser thingy which Lee left lying around. Will they ever escape? Who knows!! Check out the fabulous Light Cycle chase starring Lees famous Vauxhall Nova!

Knight Rider Spoof – Xmas Chortles 2

4 07 2009

This is the xmas chortles 2 take on the Knight Rider opening titles! Super pursuit mode was never this good in the TV show! Created for the movie Xmas Chortles 2 You can get in on the Chortles experience by visiting